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10 Year Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Product Code: CV4002

£27.42 ex. VAT £32.90 inc. VAT

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Low Battery Indication: A short acoustic “beep” will sound and LED flash every 48 seconds when the voltage is below 2.85V. In this stage it will continue for minimum 30 days, and can drive the alarm for 4 minutes. 

Visible & Audible Indicators: 

Normal Mode Short flash Green LED every 60 seconds
Alarm Mode Sound Sweep with Red LED
Test Pass 1 Sound sweep and LED will flash for 3 seconds
Battery Fault 1 beep every 60 seconds with Yellow LED
Sensor Fault 2 beeps every 60 seconds with Yellow LED
End of Life Sensor 3 beeps every 60 seconds with Yellow LED

The CO sensor includes a push button switch at the top of the alarm, for easy access.

  • hush – during an alarm condition (under a level of 220ppm) this immediately silences the alarm for about 10 minutes when pressed. When battery fault the indication can also be silenced
    for up to 8 hours by a short press on the hush/test button. This function can only be carried out once during a fault
  • test – when not in alarm the sounder can be activated to provide a sensor OK test function. When the top button is released, the audible and visible indicators are activated to show if the sensor is OK. The alarm will also do a self-test every 24 hour

Designed for installation in private homes, camping trailers, mobile homes and caravans.

The alarm will make a CO sensor reading every 30 seconds if the concentration is less than 200ppm. At 200ppm or higher the readings will be made every 10 seconds.

Power Supply 3v CR123A Lithium Battery 1600mAh
Battery Life 10 Years In Normal Conditions
Power Consumption 82mAh
Certification BSEN 50291:2018
Sound Audible 85dB At 3m In Anechoic Chamber
Operating Temp +4 To +38 Degrees C
Operating Humidity 90% RH Non-condensing
Guarantee 10 Years From Install
Diameter (mm) 40
Height (mm) 38
Weight (kg) 0.04
Warranty 10 Years From Install
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