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With the introduction of Henry with his happy but cheeky little smile more than 25years ago, we have now come to truly understand just how much our customers appreciate, or dare we say in some cases love, the unique individual character concept. We have also learnt that it is not simply the character that has endeared the Henry product to the customers but more so the full professional specification of the machine’s design.

We must all be reminded that the Henry machine and concept was created for professional users in the first instance... being used in hospitals, hotels, shops and schools, not to mention buses and boats, trains and planes and it was from this beginning that his reputation grew and his fame spread to captivate the home owner demanding long life and improved performance.

Our daily lives are inundated with a whole range of inanimate appliances, the washing machine, dishwasher, cooker, refrigerator and we certainly could not be without them. But then there is Henry... not forgetting Hetty, James, Charles and George... out they come, a smile at every turn that really does say \"Come on, let\'s get the job done together, it won\'t take long!\" Be it cleaning the house, the car, the carpets or clearing out the loft, with one look that happy little smile lets you know that it\'s all under control.