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Firehawk Mains Powered Wireless Radio Base

Rechargeable Lithium Battery backup
Sales Price ex. VAT: £29.99
Price / kg:

Designed to replace the baseplate supplied with the 250 and 450 ranges of mains powered smoke and heat alarms. When assembled to a maximum of 15 smoke or heat alarm on any one system, it allows the installer to power them all from a regularly used local lighting circuit (BS 5839-6:2013 section 15.5) without the need to run a separate interlinking wire.

  • Built in 10 year tamper-proof lithium battery will ensure continued operation in the event of a mains power failure.
  • Built-in multicolour led provides a helpful indication during the simple two-stage set-up procedure and lifetime operation.
  • Fast Fix design with Push fit wiring connections
  • Built in Multi colour LED indicator

inc. batteries & fixings.


Compliant with the 1999/5/EC R&TTE Directive Art.3.2 requirements. CE

Use with: FH250BB, FH250RB, FH450BB, FH450RB Mains Smoke alarm or Mains Heat alarm.

Wireless Interlinking