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Danfoss RMT230

240V Room Stat 8-30c
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The RMT230 room thermostat is suitable for the control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning in 230 volt systems and has a built in accelerator heater to improve control accuracy.

A stylish electro-mechanical room thermostat for use on 240V systems, RMT-230.

Large, easy to read scale. 

Locking and limiting as standard. 

Temperature range is 8-30°C 

Accelerator heater to improve control accuracy. 

Dimensions 80x80x40mm WxHxD. 

Ideal replacement for Honeywell T6360B1028. 

10(4)A SPDT Contacts

The 087n1100 model replaces the following Danfoss Randall models: TWE, TWK, RSR/M, RD3. 

SKU: 087N1100