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On the whole we partner the name Aga with a quintessentially British country home, the Aga at the heart, providing warmth, solid rustic looks and of course every kitchens dream cooker, however Aga actually began life in Sweden. The AGA cooker is the heart of the home in more than 750,000 households. The Aga name is renowned across the world and was invented by Dr Gustav Dalén, a blind Nobel Prize-winning physicist.


An Aga is the heart of the home – it makes life so much easier and warmer
Jasmine Guinness

ABGO have been an authorised Aga spares supplier for over 10 years. We have the whole genuine Aga spares and parts range, ready to order, offering you peace of mind and assurance that all Aga spares meet rigorous standards. Try ABGO for your AGA Spares and Rayburn parts for the largest stock of AGA spares and Aga Rayburn products available.